Hello, my name is Rodg and I'm a landscape and fine art photographer. I've been interested in photography since they discovered the moon wasn't made of cheese (although it is-of course). Formally I trained as an art teacher but photography became my passion about 20 years ago. I gained my LRPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 2006, had a major exhibition in Buxton in Derbyshire, moved to Spain and became a professional photographer-phew, some year that was!

My work has appeared in, and on covers of, several magazines both in the UK and Spain, including Practical Photography, Black and White Photo Artistry and Canon's Eos magazine. I also contribute to Shutterstock photo stock agency and have been running photography courses for the past 10 years. My main aim is to offer high-quality courses that help to expand your technique and creativity. My experience as a teacher enables me to quickly establish where people are at with their photography and where they want to go.

As a photographer I want to create the best prints possible, whether the subject is landscapes, pets or people.

In September 2016 I moved back to Glossop, Derbyshire where I live with my partner Bev and our rescue dog, Georgie. I love books, films and am a sucker for animations. With my photography I try and express the emotional response I feel whenever I'm inspired to capture something with my camera, which is often. Photography involves a lot of hard work and problem solving, but mostly it's about fun, enjoyment and creativity.